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Maeng Da Pimps Grade Kratom Effects

This is the new strongest kratom on the market, but there is a trade off. The effects are stronger and more intense but don't last as long. I guess its like a like adding all the fuel to the fire in 1 hit. It burns hot - very hot but goes out sooner. Maeng Da kratom effects begin after 20 minutes and only last 2-3 hours. Many also say its speedy, which means energetic rather than heavy and sedating.

For mild effects: 2 grams

For medium effects: 4-5 grams

For strong effects: 8 - 10 grams

Very strong would be 10 grams +

Maeng Da Kratom effects - if this sounds like something your interested in, we have a buy kratom section that links to a vendors like Arena Ethnobotanicals.