Kratom Effects / Indo Kratom

Indonesian Kratom

Indonesian kratom (or indo as many like to call it) produces lighter, more relaxing effects than Thai strains. Its also lighter in color & cheaper to buy. So, you need to relax? Are you dealing with large amounts of stress on a daily basis? If the answer is yes, then a particular strain of kratom from Indonesia may offer the desired effects.

There are new strains of indonesian kratom on the market such as "super indo" and "UEI" (Ultra Enhanced Indo). These are basically indonesian kratom powder with the addition of either powdered kratom resin or kratom 15x. "Super Indo" offers the best effects and is better value than the UEI.


Mild Effects: 5 grams of indo powder (or crushed leaf)

Medium Effects: 8-10 grams of indo powder (or crushed leaf)

Strong Effects: 12-15 grams of indonesian powder.

Obviously these are simply a rough guideline. To find your optimum indo effects you need to experiment. The golden rule.. start with small amounts and work your way up.