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Its hard to pin point what are good effects as this is purely subjective. One person may like one particular kratom effects, whilst another likes another kind. You also may like to change the type depending on your mood. I prefer a little indonesian on mornings when I want a mild relaxing effect and when I want a heavier hit (like an evening or weekend), I go for a Thai powder like Maeng Da. Kratom effects depend upon the person and the type of kratom you have. The kratom effects associated with an extract or a blend are different from a regular kratom leaf. The origin of kratom should also be taken into consideration. Hence this is not an easy subject to document. In light of this, we appreciate any feedback you have. People emailing me about experiences etc are what make it possible for me to build these websites. Let me know (in your opinion) - what is the best type of kratom. I thank you in advance for your emails.

Indo Kratom - we have a section covering Indo kratom effects on the left hand side - click any of the links to learn more.

Thai Kratom - Obviously from Thailand, this is the original source of kratom and ironically, although the trees grow wild, the Thai government banned the product for sale or distribution.

15x Kratom - A popular form a kratom with only active alkaloids extracted for maximum effects with very little material. This is ideal if you don't like consuming lots of powder or a tea.

Maeng Da Kratom - Definitely the strongest kratom available with speedy shorter lived effects.

Bali Kratom - basically the same as indonesian, but more expensive. We wouldn't recommend this product to our friends.

We have a buy kratom section that links to a vendor called That's where we buy our Kratom from and we're more than happy with quality, service and price. are kind enough to offer us a little commission from Kratom sales we send over there. I hope you'll be as happy with their products as I have.

Again, if you have any info regarding your personal kratom effects, please email me.

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